Best Tips for Car Polishing and Maintenance

As we use our car whenever it needed most, it is our responsibility to take care of our own cars. Regular self maintenance of our cars will make the life of the car longer and put a shine to its design too, which is by far also a satisfying gesture to us. Here we present to you the Best Tips for Car Polishing and Maintenance which will guide you through the self caring of your car.

Windscreen and Window Care Tips

The most eye catchy thing on any car is its windscreen and it is very important to remain clean every time. To protect your windscreen always park your car in a sheltered environment. Make sure that your wipers are in good condition; otherwise it can hamper the windscreen badly. The windows too became dirty all the time after a dusty ride. All you have to do is too clean off the stubborn strains by hands, use a clean cloth to remove dusts, use gel to wash windscreens and wash your windows and windscreen with water once in a week.

Alloy Wheel Care Tips

If you want to make your car look more appealing then wash its wheel regularly. It is advisable to wash your wheels everyday to prevent brake dust and dirt buildup. Use water for washing the alloy wheel. Sometimes the tire gone torn away by using sticks or metals to clean the tires; Never do this. Always try to use water for washing the wheels.

Car Polishing Tips

If you want to put the extra shine to your car here are some tips:

  1. Wash your car by water first.
  2. You can use any Cleaner or Shampoo or Shining Jell to wash.
  3. Spat the water on the car body.
  4. Don’t use scratchy cloths to clear the excess water.
  5. Don’t let the water dry up, it will decrease the shine.
  6. Use a flappy cloth to clean the water.

Wash with the Right Suds

Use a cleaner formulated for vehicles (available at any auto parts store). Though hand dishwashing liquid is a great degreaser, it's not the thing to use on your vehicle's finish. Yes, it removes dirt, grease and old wax. But it also sucks important oils right out of the paint's finish. So, always use  particularly defined suds to wash your car.

Get a Mirror Finish with Synthetic Wax

If you want to have a mirror finish try to use a synthetic wax. It will make your cars surface smoother. Apply the wax to the foam applicator and rub it into the finish with a swirling motion. Then wipe off the haze with a microfiber towel.