Revolutionary Innovations in Auto Industry

Honda EV Concept:-

Showcased in Frankfurt Auto Show, Honda EV concept cars are built on Honda EV- only platform. Honda Urban EV concept is a compact car for urban driving. Exterior expresses Honda small car DNA and the car is known for joyful lively driving and friendly driving experience. Front and rear are equipped with the display to give messages and greeting to the beholder and provide a cool shining look. The living room like the interior is modern, comfortable and pleasing, equipped with a large display and “Honda Automated Network Assistant” based on Honda’s Artificial Intelligence technology. Understanding the test and lifestyle of the driver the Honda Urban EV concept provide the driver with timely suggestion and act to work like a communication system of man-machine relationship.


V2V or V2i Communication:-

Vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to infrastructure communication is exactly as the name suggests. It is the technology that lets cars to talk to other vehicles as well as surrounding, infrastructure and traffic lights.

As the car becomes more autonomous they need to be able to communicate with other vehicles on the road in order to operate safely.This car share informations to help human drivers.


Internet Connectivity:-

More automakers are starting to offer WiFi and LTE 4G availability in their fresher vehicles. Be that as it may, despite everything you'll need to pay for whatever information design you pick.

WiFi and LTE 4G fundamentally transforms your auto into a hotspot, taking into account you to associate a few gadgets to the system. This implies travellers can undoubtedly stream music, video, and surf the web without worrying about executing the battery of your cell phone.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility:-


Having the capacity to interface with your applications in the auto has turned out to be vital to shielding individuals from gazing at their cell phones while driving. Many automakers are currently making their vehicles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These systems enable you to access a range of supported applications directly through your car's infotainment screen.


Cortana in Cars:-

Microsoft has incorporated Cortana in Vehicles. Microsoft has tried different things with Cortana in cars for at least a year, has disclosed a Windows in the car idea in 2014. Microsoft has attempted to incorporate Cortana into the windshield of a car enabling drivers to restaurant reservations spot or see their most loved areas on a virtual map. If Microsoft is taking the shot at Windows in vehicles, at that point we could be set to see precisely how Microsoft imagines Cortana inside cars not long from now.