Ford Motors to launch cloud based mobility service - Ford Smart Mobility

If the claims are to be believed ford motor company is going to transform daughter motor world by providing absolutely new mobility platform. On CES 2018 held in Las Vegas ford motor's official claimed that they are going to launch the TMC interface that has the capability to redefine the concept of mobility and change the way that we move through cities that could enable by the smart connected world. In such system, the vehicle is connected note to the smart vehicles only but also all the smart elements of the society. The new TMC platform would also be featured with collision avoidance system which can restrain and restrict the collision among vehicles as well as vehicles and other social elements. The system will be working on artificial intelligence and some extreme signal processing techniques due to which the smart vehicles will transmit signals to be received by other smart society elements and process them accordingly as the human need. This smart automotive interface also includes emergency rescue system and emergency helpline feature just as if someone travelling inside the vehicle got some health-related issue suddenly the vehicle wheel transmit some signals messages to the hospital,  rescue Team, other vehicles on the road and all competent authority simultaneously to cure the person immediately and absolutely. This interface will also offer time bound amenity solution and other road side services to save extra effort, time, money.

If challenges are to be believed and all required activities been completed within bounded time this new automotive interface can be operational in USA in late 2021.