How to Apply Driving License Online- Proof Required and Verification Process

Well, driving license now a day can easily available via online. The old days for keep hanging around the local RTO offices are gone. But still you have to visit the RTO office for verification and driving test. The main benefit for online application for driving license is that the entire process is transparent. There is no middle man, so there are no chances of bribing money to anyone or spending any extra fees. Another big benefit it the quick delivery of driving license. One thing you have to understand that you have to visit the local RTO office for your documents verification and driving test, because RTO offices are the ultimate authority as far as issuing licenses are concerned, here we give you the entire details of online application of driving licenses.

Driving License Issuing Authority

The Regional Transport Offices (RTO) spread in entire India generally issues the driving licenses for various vehicles. The driving licenses are generally 3 types in terms of vehicle type:

  1. Two Wheeler
  2. Four Wheeler (Light Weight Vehicle)
  3. Four/ Six/ Eight/ Twelve Wheeler (Heavy Weight Vehicle)

Apply For Driving License

First you need to fix an appointment with the local transport authority. For that go to your local Motor Vehicle Department’s Website. You can search in Google to find out the website of your state vehicle department. Generally it is issued by different states. You have to go the website of your sates Motor Vehicle Department and book an appointment. There are 2 steps for having licenses

  1. Learners' License
  2. Permanent License

Time and Date for Appointment

One thing you have to consider is that there are dozens of applications sent every day for issuing license. So, there may be rush for issuing application. Around 400 (approximately) appointments will be taken in a day. There are different time slots for the appointment between 9.30 am to 2.00 pm. You are free to choose your own date and time while filling the e-form. Follow the steps to apply online for driving license. There are different types of license process present in various states in India.

Learners' License Process

This license is issued for the beginners who are just learning how to drive. The entire process is listed below.

  1. Issued on the Spot
  2. Submit forms
  3. Verify documents and physical fitness
  4. Fee payment
  5. Photo and thumb impression
  6. Computerized test
  7. If pass then collect, if fail then reappear after 7 days.

How to Book an Appointment for Driving License

  1. To book an appointment for learner's or permanent driving license visit local Motor Vehicle Department’s Website.
  2. Register yourself online
  3. Later, when your e-form has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation on your email from the RTO authority as ‘Appointment Receipt’.
  4. This will lead you to download form 1, form 1a and form 2.
  5. Form 1 is about your physical fitness
  6. Form 1a is for medical certificate for those above the age of 50.
  7. You must reach the RTO office prior to the time mentioned in your form.
  8.  You must carry all the forms mentioned above along with the required documents.

Documents Required for Learner's license

  1. Appointment receipt
  2. All the forms (original) emailed to you must be completed and produced
  3. For address proof: Voter identity card, Aadhaar card, rent agreement registered and verified by police, telephone bill, LIC policy, passport, driving license, if any
  4. Age proof
  5. Nationality proof
  6. 2 passport size recent photographs

Documents Required for Permanent License

  1. Learner's license
  2. Form 4 (Downloaded from website)
  3. 3 copies of recent photographs
  4. Age proof
  5. Driving school’s certificate for all transport vehicles
  6. All valid documents of the vehicle on which the test has to be conducted

Procedure undertaken by RTO authority for Learner's License

  1. The authenticity of all your forms and documents will be checked.
  2. You need to pay the learner's license fee.
  3. They will guide you with road safety education and learner test preparation
  4. Your test result will be declared then and there itself
  5. If you cleared the test, you will be given a learner's license on the spot. This license is valid up to 6 months
  6. After minimum 30 days, you can apply for a permanent license at the same RTO.

Driving Test

The applicant applying for learner‘s license is required to appear before testing officer for a preliminary test which involves:

  1. Test for his/her knowledge and understanding of traffic signs and traffic signals
  2. Test knowledge of traffic rules and their penalties and sections
  3. You can appear for permanent license test after 30 days of your learner's license.