Car paint protection guide

To maintain the best shine and car paint protection possible for your vehicle's surface, once must use quality waxes and proper techniques. Here we give you the ultimate Car Paint Protection Guide for long lusting shine.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Now a day there are many quality car paint conditioners, cleareners, sealers and waxes that can help to not only provide a beautiful glossy shine for your vehicle, but also help to protect the paint from fading or damage. Most car detailing pros recommend that you have your vehicle waxed at least once a month.

Use a Quality Protection or Wax

Instead of using a generic or automotive store branded, car wax, opt for better known names such as 3M, DuPont, meguires, Mother, Nu Finish, Zymol. If possible select paint sealer protection or wax that has teflon added to the product,

Avoid All in One Cleaning Solutions

Now a day the products that are marketed as all in one cleaning and waxing solution for your vehicle. Some products are even marketed as a waterless or no wet cleaning and waxing solution. Manufaturers of some other products may tell you that you never have to wax your car again if you use their all in one cleaning and waxing solutions.