Top 7 Things to Check before Buying a Used Car in India

In India, as the population increasing the need of a steady and healthy lifestyle is also increasing and the stepping stone towards a healthy life style is to cop up with the rest of the world. It is like that rat race where every persons wants everything. And why should not they? This is the reason why automobile industry is growing in multiple numbers, every day in India. A recent survey shows the wish of owning a car has become the need rather than luxury in middle class Indians. That’s why every year the sales of second hand cars are also increasing. Supported by the dealers, the middles class and lower-middle class Indians are much comfortable in buying second hand cars than a new one. This is because, the affordability to most deluxe cars are still out of the budget for them. So, they are switching to owning a old car in less money with working conditions rather than buying a new one. Here we will discuss about the top 7 things you should check before buying a second hand car.

1. Inspect the Car’s Papers Thor​oughly

If you are thinking of buying an old car in India the first thing you should do is check the car’s paper carefully. Inspect if the papers are correct and genuine. Most of the car owners sold their old cars because they did not wants to complete the paperwork and sell them early. The paperwork cost a lot of money now a day. You should thoroughly check them and take expert advice from any automobile or legal councilor in this regard. The paper work you need while purchasing are Purchase/ Sale Agreement, Delivery Note, Payment Agreement.

2. Transfer the Registration Certificate (RC) of the Second Hand Car in Your Name

It is very much important while buying a old car. The previous car owner has done the paperwork on his name, while buying his car you must convert it to your name. you have to take a legal help for this. The automobile dealer will do this work for you. You just need to submit your details like driving license, address proof, income proof, Income tax return information’s, identity proof etc to the dealer. He will convert the car’s paper to your name. Normally these procedures take 14 days. After completing the paperwork check them thoroughly.

3. Get t​he Second-Hand Car’s Insurance in Your Name

The insurance is the most important thing. While applying for car insurance there are a clause present, named Transfer of ownership. You should claim the insurance after the maturity period, as you have to pay the monthly premiums. If the insurance does not support any clause like this simply do a new insurance of the second hand car on your name and stop the previous one.

4. Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB)

You have to transfer the no claim bonus (NCB) on your name. The previous owner as selling the cars has no right to claim the bonus before time. Just because you are going to be transferred the ownership, must transfer the NCB too on your name.

5. Check the Engine Conditions

The reasons for selling the old car might be a bad engine condition. Just because car’s engine is the key to its performance, the engine should be in good condition. If it is not simply don’t buy that car. What you just need to call a mechanic and check the engine conditions of the car. If everything is right then go for the deal.

6. Servicing the Entire Car

Servicing of the old car is another issue. If the car rest on some place unused, then it must not work properly. Several parts of the cars might become faulty. So, you must check the condition of the car and run a complete servicing of the car to check the car’s health.

7. Enquire about any past Police Records

Well, if the previous car owner or his driver had any issue in past with the cars they just simply wants to sell it and try not to involve in police matters. You must check, if the car was involved in any past accident or breach of traffic rule or any other sort of that thing. You must also enquire about the owner and the person who might drove that car earlier. As, people says prevention is better than cure. It might help you too.